Project Details
Permit Information
  • Project Number: B1M-2021-006509
  • Project Name: Facades modification and maintenance
  • Permit Number: B1M-2021-006509-P01
  • First Issue Date: 09/Oct/2021
Parcel Information
  • Zone: Abu Dhabi Island
  • Sector: E4_01
  • Plot Number: C25
  • Land Use: Commercial
  • Secondary Land Use: General Sales and Services
  • Plot Area(m2): 929.03
Consultant and Contractor Information
  • Designer and Supervisor: Ass ENGINEERING CONSULTANT

Welcome to the realm of modern building facade enhancements, where we redefine the exterior character of buildings to reflect beauty and sophistication. At our Renovation and Development company, we specialize in transforming and revitalizing building facades to infuse a new sense of vibrancy and allure. Our work is characterized by innovation and meticulous attention to detail, striving for aesthetic excellence in every aspect of the modifications and enhancements we undertake Project Highlights: "Rehabilitating the external facades of the building, which involves removing the existing ceramics on the facades and installing fire-resistant aluminum panels (cladding) according to the specifications of Abu Dhabi Civil Defense and under the supervision of the Abu Dhabi Municipality.." "We are here to modify exterior building facades in a way that suits your needs

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